Vista 多人共享桌面补丁 RDP Patch

不知大家发现没有,Vista目前只支持一个RDP用户。即你如果用远程桌面登入Vista的时候,当前用户就被迫Lock out。即无论你是物理用户还是远程用户,只有一个活动用户。如果想两个用户或者更多用户同时使用Vista,就没有办法了。


Vista Concurrent RDP Sessions Patch.




Concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions allows you to connect through Remote Desktop to a system that someone else is logged on to, under a different user account, and access the system without kicking the other user off.
In Windows Vista the Remote Desktop feature is available for the Business, Enterprise and Ultimate editions. However, the Concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions feature is not available.
By using a patched version of termsrv.dll, located in %SystemRoot%System32, this feature becomes available.

The package contains 7 files:
Vista_Concurrent_RDP_sessions.nfo: This file
termsrv.dll.original32bit:   The original unpatched termsrv.dll file for Windows Vista 32 bit
termsrv.dll.original64bit:   The original unpatched termsrv.dll file for Windows Vista 64 bit
termsrv.dll.patched32bit:   The patched termsrv.dll file for Windows Vista 32 bit
termsrv.dll.patched64bit:   The patched termsrv.dll file for Windows Vista 64 bit
patch_termsrv_32bit.bat:   A batch file for automatic patching on Windows Vista 32 bit
patch_termsrv_64bit.bat:   A batch file for automatic patching on Windows Vista 64 bit

How to patch (Automatic):
Run either patch_termsrv_32bit.bat or patch_termsrv_64bit.bat, according to your operating system, AS AN ADMINISTRATOR. Use right-click, and select "Run as administrator".

When for any reason this fails, try to do it manually:
Take ownership of %SystemRoot%System32 ermsrv.dll and give yourself Full Control permissions.
Rename or delete the original termsrv.dll.
Copy the patched file (termsrv.dll.patched32bit or termsrv.dll.patched64bit) to %SystemRoot%System32

You must reboot your system for the patch to take effect!

– Pinobigbird

附件:vista_concurrent_rdp_sessions.rar(642899 Byte)


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  1. 用win2000的远程桌面登陆软件mstsc.exe无法登陆到我的vista机器,有人说用vista的mstsc.exe 和另一对应的文件替换2000下的2个文件,可是还是不行….有没有别的办法能vnc vista? net meeting可以不?

  2. [quote=luomj]用win2000的远程桌面登陆软件mstsc.exe无法登陆到我的vista机器,有人说用vista的mstsc.exe 和另一对应的文件替换2000下的2个文件,可是还是不行….有没有别的办法能vnc vista? net meeting可以不?[/quote]
    Vista的远程桌面已经升级了,你最好到微软的网站上Download新的Remote Desktop的Client来就OK了。


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