How to fix the error about outdated version of Skype and continue to use older versions

We notified you earlier that Microsoft was planning to prevent old versions of Skype from working. Since yesterday, all versions of Skype below Skype 6.13 for Windows and Skype 6.14 for OS X are blocked and do not allow you to sign in. If you are not happy with the latest bloated version with obtrusive ads, here is a temporary workaround which will allow you to bypass the version check and run Skype 5.

Here are step-by-step instructions, please follow them carefully.
Update: our reader “Raven Killer” has suggested the following solution (and I can confirm that it works):

  1. Backup your old Skype 5.x executable file. In my case, I had Skype.exe v5.2.60.113.
  2. Install the latest version of Skype and sign in using your Skype credentials. Check the automatic sign in/save password option.
  3. Exit Skype 6.x
  4. Replace the Skype.exe file in the Program Files\Skype folder (use Program Files (x86)\Skype folder in case if you have a 64-bit OS).
  5. Run it. The old version of Skype will use the saved credentials from the newer version and will work without issues.

Another solution is as follows:

  1. Find Skype 3.8 on the web and install it. It is a good idea to start your search from here: Old versions of Skype.
  2. Login as usual. Check “Auto sign-in when starting Skype” (i.e. Save password option).
  3. Restart Skype 3.8 again. Now, in your config.xml profile, there will be a “Credentials2” section with your Skype-signed public key.
    You can check it manually.
    Press Win + R shortcut keys together on your keyboard to open the Run dialog. Please see the ultimate list of all Windows keyboard shortcuts with Win keys). Type the following in the Run box:


    There you will find your config.xml file.

  4. Now, run Skype v5.5. It will login automatically, and will not complain about outdated version. It will also not sign out. If this trick expires in 30 days, repeat these steps.

So, you need to have two binaries on your PC – one for Skype 3.8 to generate the required config section, and another for regular use. This is not handy, but Windows users have no other solution at the moment, unlike Linux users of Skype where Skype is still usable and does not have ads. (viaskypeopensource),