1. Right-click the Windows Start Menu. Choose Command Prompt (Admin).
    1. If you don’t see Command Prompt listed, it’s because you have already been updated to a later version of Windows.  If so, use this method instead to get to the Command Prompt:
      1. Click the Start Button and type cmd
      2. Right-click the result and select Run as administrator
  2. Type this command and press ENTER: bcdedit /set {current} safeboot minimal
    1. If this command does not work for you, try bcdedit /set safeboot minimal
  3. Restart the computer and enter BIOS Setup (the key to press varies between systems).
  4. Change the SATA Operation mode to AHCI from either IDE or RAID (again, the language varies).
  5. Save changes and exit Setup and Windows will automatically boot to Safe Mode.
  6. Right-click the Windows Start Menu once more. Choose Command Prompt (Admin).
  7. Type this command and press ENTER: bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot
    1. If you had to try the alternate command above, you will likely need to do so here also: bcdedit /deletevalue safeboot
  8. Reboot once more and Windows will automatically start with AHCI drivers enabled.

Refer: http://triplescomputers.com/blog/uncategorized/solution-switch-windows-10-from-raidide-to-ahci-operation/



  1. 管理员权限打开命令提示符
  2. 使用这个命令打开启动自动进入安全模式:
    bcdedit /set {current} safeboot minimal
  3. 重启电脑进入BIOS
  4. 更改硬盘工作模式为AHCI,保存退出
  5. Win10会以安全模式启动
  6. 在安全模式下用管理员权限打开命令提示符窗口
  7. 执行如下命令关闭启动自动进入安全模式
    bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot
  8. 重启电脑以正常模式进入Win10
  9. Duang~成功!